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Campgrounds is the 172nd level in Chip's Challenge 2. It was created by Nick Lauria. The amount of guesswork and restarting needed to survey the railroad track and swivel door maze before one can even begin routing through it makes Campgrounds one of the least liked levels in the set for many players. The solution recorded in the level's C2M file involves picking up the yellow teleport by the exit and carrying it to the red teleport; however, many players do not realize they can pick up that teleport, and as a result have to set up the maze for a second pass from the red teleport. While possible, this only adds to the player's frustration, as they now have to memorize more of the maze's structure as well as the state of several swivel doors throughout the maze while routing it.

Full level map[edit]

Cc2 full map level 172.png

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