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Civilization of Creatures

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Civilization of Creatures is the 104th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Tyler Sontag.

305 route: Play in odd step. Push the block 2R and circle round the force floor to the bug room on the left side, and collect the fire boots. Circle round and push the other block up onto the force floor. Circle round and enter the fireball room in the top-right. Collect the green key (enter from the left), circle round to the green doors, release the blob, collect the flippers when it has drowned, then enter the adjacent water room and use the blocks to reach the skates. Enter the adjacent ice room to collect the yellow key (using the ice corners as a shortcut). Circle round to the yellow door to collect the chip, then circle round to the alcove opposite the bomb. Push the block into the bomb when it comes round, then enter the socket and press the blue button. Circle round and enter the tank column (with a blue button at the top). Grab the blue key from the walker room, circle round to reach the blue door. Wait on the thief for the paramecium, collect the flippers, and duck past the paramecium to press the brown button. Return (ducking past the paramecium again) and circle round to the trap. Dodge the fireballs en route to the red button, which should be pressed thrice, then return and circle round to the right and press the green button. Circle round to the bottom where the bomb was, clone a teeth and lure it onto the brown button (just walk to (12,24) and back without stopping). Go through the trap, dodge the balls and tanks, explode the bombs, go through the gliders and get the red key from the teeth. Return to the force floor and circle round to the start, explode the bomb to reach the suction boots, and circle round anticlockwise to the exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 104.png


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