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Prison Break

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Prison Break is the 103rd level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Andrew Gapic.

304 route: Clone 1 block, then move up to the top and move the loose block R 3D (collect chip) and left to the fire room, and explode the lowest bomb to reach the suction boots (the fire boots will have been collected whilst the block was being moved). Return to the start, move the cloned block 3U, clone another block, move the first block L then up and across the water (using the recessed walls). Return and repeat the process, pushing the block via the 3x2 red button area, and collect the green key. Repeat the process, pushing the next block onto the top middle red button, then the final block (no need to clone another) so as to trap the glider on the top-right button, so no more fireball clones will be created. Go down the left side and through the green door. Build down and right, and then build up to the chips on the right. After the first 3 water tiles on the right have been removed, use the next block to block the ball allowing the chip at (5,11) to be collected, and push the block down to trap the ball at the bottom. Finish off the path to the chips and collect the chips without pressing the green button and without opening the green door. Go back to the fire room and through the thief to collect the last 2 chips, then go through the socket and back down the left to release the glider which will press the green button. Go through the socket near the start and collect all the keys and boots, then go through the toggle walls and teleport to reach the exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 103.png


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