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Eddy Limb

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Eddy Limb, often known by his pseudonym lookatthis, is a well-known level designer. His two most notable level sets are 60 Minutes, released in 2013, and NeverStopGaming, released in 2016. His levels are known for their clean aesthetics and presentations of concepts from other custom level sets. In March 2018, he released a new level set titled SokobanCCLP featuring nothing but 149 adapted sokobans from various sources and designers, as well as 25 different outer aesthetic themes that rotate every 6 levels.

Eddy is also known for being one of the top optimizers in the Lynx ruleset. He currently holds 2nd place for CC1 and CCLP1 Lynx, and is currently working on filling out his scores for CCLP3. He has not yet reported any scores for CCLP4 and is still missing a few scores on some CCLXP2 levels and CC1 untimed levels, and he has never reported any scores in MS.

Levels in official packs[edit]


# Name
2 Pixelated Fire
36 One Who Raids Tombs
42 Nova Prospect
45 Seven-Layer Salad

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