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Frogger is the 129th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 1. Obviously named for the classic arcade game, Frogger is a refreshing breather after the lengthy Elemental Park. Wait [1], then play 6U R 2U to get through the pink ball traffic. Off the middle gravel, continue 3U [1] 4U and take the computer chip to your immediate left. Teleport back to the start, and from the force floor run 3U R 5U RURURU [1] and then to the chip overhead.

With two of the five chips collected, run 3U [1] 2U [1] 3U [1] 4U [1] and north to the third chip, then 4U [1] 5U [2] 5U and collect the leftmost chip as your fourth chip. For the last chip, the route is 8U [1] 3U 2R and up to the very top. In the real game of Frogger, only five frogs must cross the street - but in this level, Chip must cross a sixth time to reach the exit on the other side. From the bottom, the way to victory is 7U 2R 7U and then R until the end is in sight.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp1 full map level 129.png


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