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Good Advice

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Good Advice is the 54th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Derek Bowser.

278 route: Push the block across the lone water square (collecting 2 chips en route), then walk to the group of 4 blocks. Push block 3 D, block 4 L, block 3 3L and across the water to the top-left (picking up 4 chips en route). Move block 1 R, block 2 2D and into the water, then push block 4 into the water and collect the yellow key. Press the green button and collect all chips in this room, then collect the suction boots (via the teleports). Cross the force floor to press the blue button behind the recessed walls, then move the final block across the water and cross the trap (held open by the tank) to press the red button. This clones a pink ball that will flip the tanks once a blue button is pressed. Return to where the yellow door was and flip this blue button, and dodge the tank to pick up the skates. Walk to the top room and collect chips 6, 2, 1, 3 and 7, then press the brown button, which releases a pink ball which will flip a green button as soon as a green button is pressed. Collect chips 5 and 4 on the way back to the green button. On pressing it, collect the 2 chips behind the toggle wall then go back through the ice, collect chip 8, then avoid the thieves and collect the chips behind the force floors (by the paramecium cloner). Go back to the red button in amongst the thieves and press it 6 times. This clones fireballs which clone paramecia, which will explode the bombs. Collect the yellow key and a chip. Obey the hint telling you not to press the button (as this will block off the exit), then walk into the water & glider area. Collect the first 2 chips, then the blue key, then the third chip, then get the flippers, allowing the green key and chips to be collected, then collect the final chip in the glider room. Now walk through the green doors and collect the chip and blue key. Wait for the big gap in the fireballs and enter the blue door. Dodging the pink ball, collect the yellow key, fire boots, blue key and red key in turn, then walk all the way back to the start (still avoiding the thieves), open the red door, collect the last 2 chips, then push the block to 2L 2U from the socket, open the socket, and push the block across the water to exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 54.png


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