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Backtrack is the 53rd level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by J.B. Lewis. The type of itemswapper in this level is common among CCLP3 itemswappers, especially Spiral: each swap accesses more and more of the level. Here, the basis of the level is accessing blocks to build a bridge.

Slide straight north to the red key, then open the lock and use available blocks 3, 2 and 1 in this order to reach the blue button. This opens up the northwest section; collect the chip on the top and then the yellow key, and then use it to sneak past the glider guarding the green button, which will then open up the blue key. Use this to free two more blocks; push block 1 U, then send blocks 2 and then 1 into the bridge. The U push costs a total of [6] ([2] moving immediately and a path around to block 2 by [4]) but saves a total of [12] when pushing block 1. Also, during this section of the bridge, hit the blue button a second time.

Use the red key to reach a green key, then wait [1] before sliding north to the green button again and then return to the blocks. Continue the bridge to the fire boots, then push the new loose block U 7L, take and use the yellow key and enter the bug chain. If Chip did not touch the blue button earlier, he would have arrived here at the time with the most waiting; the [2] taken to hit the blue button and the [1] wait for the glider this causes are all erased in this section, as [3] can be waited before entering the bugs without causing any further loss of time. The clone block button frees a blue key, which then frees the last block and the last chip.

Bridge to the socket, then pass over the thief. If the route is perfect to this point, Chip can move the block in this Firetrap section 4D R and land on the trap just before the fireball leaves the brown button. Wait for the fireball to hit the button again - a total of [11] - and then stroll out through the monster rooms above to the exit. The bold time is lost with any walker interference at the end, as this route is a 312.0.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 53.png


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