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Construct-a-Maze is the 55th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by J.B. Lewis as part of a series of maze levels which utilized different elements and monsters; the theme to this level is that, by removing specific computer chips, Chip can create a custom maze for the teeth wandering about such that it holds down six specific brown buttons.

225 route: Play in even step. Move L 2D 2R 5D 4R 2D 2R 2U 4R (D) 6U 7L 5R (D) 2L 2D 2R D 4R U and collect the chip, then move up and collect that chip. Then move U L U 6L 2D L 2D 2L U L D, then move L just as the teeth moves D. Then move 3D 2R (wait until teeth is about to move onto column 10) U 8R U 2R D and get the next 3 chips behind the traps in turn. Now move U 4L 5U R 3L D L U L D 2L D 2L 3D 2R D (L) 2D L 2D L, get all the chips behind the thieves followed by the final chip behind the trap. Now move U 3L U L D L U L 3U L (D) 3L 3D R 2D R U R D R (U) 3R 2D, then get the chips in the bottom-right corner, then the top-right corner, then the chips behind the green doors, then the chips in the top-left corner, then the chips behind the force floors, then the chips in the bottom-left corner, pushing the green button in between the last 2 chips, allowing a block to be pushed, revealing the exit (all 8 blocks in the corners have exits under them).

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 55.png


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