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Henry Potts

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Henry Potts, sometimes known by his alias Pottsie, is a well-known level designer who released one of the most acclaimed custom level sets, Chip56, in 2012. His design style focuses largely on clean aesthetics, symmetry, and levels with a single theme. Not much else is known about Henry, and he has not released any follow-up sets to Chip56.

Levels in official packs[edit]


# Name
2 Slip and Slide
3 Present Company
5 Facades
7 Under Pressure
8 Switcheroo
20 Chip Suey
31 Quincunx
33 Spitting Image
77 Shuttle Run
79 Elevators
103 Portcullis
112 Carousel
122 Jeepers Creepers
132 Spumoni


# Name
66 Anaconda
82 Puzzle Box
99 Ice Cavern

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