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Hidden Depths

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Hidden Depths is the 109th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by J.B. Lewis.

381 route: Take the force slide and collect fire boots and 4 chips. Step straight up and push block 3 2L 2D. Teleport round, push the other 3 blocks onto the top 3 buttons, then slide around the top to the red button, press it, push the remaining block onto the final button, push the block across the water (cloning another one in the process), press the blue and green buttons, and collect the red key. Slide round to push the second cloned block into the water to reach the yellow key, cross the traps to the chip, then get the green key. Teleport R then D. Partial post this teleport, then teleport R then D again. Collect the chips in this room whilst dodging the teeth (the best order is left, right, bottom). Teleport back, press the blue button behind the fire, go through the red door, push the buttons onto the trap buttons and collect the chips behind the traps (the best solution is to collect the top chip before pushing block 2 onto the lower trap). This will also cause the pink ball to press the green button. Teleport L, press the blue button twice, and go through the tanks to collect the blue key. Teleport, open the blue door, teleport back, push the block through the teleport and leave it LU from the blue button so that the fireball presses the blue button. Now go through the tanks and toggle walls to reach the suction boots. Walk to the bottom-left room, clone 2 fireballs (these will explode 2 of the bombs), then clone a third, collect the 2 available chips, release the fireball, collect the last chip, then exit via the recessed wall (just beating the cloned fireball). Note that the block is not used. Slide along the force floor, push the block through the teleport to 2L of the hint, teleport back, slide round, and push the block through the teleport. As suggested by the hint, use the 2 blocks to partial post the teleport, allowing the exit to be reached.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 109.png


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