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J.B. Lewis

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John "J.B." Lewis is one of the top optimizers in Chip's Challenge, being fourth place in Chip's Challenge 1 (5,977,670), second place in CCLP2 (6,050,970), second place in CCLP3 (6,094,100), second place in CCLP1 (6,006,040), and tied first place in CCLP4 (6,111,370) with Jeffrey Bardon. He also has first place in four of the five Lynx scoreboards for CC1, CCLP1, CCLP2, and CCLP4. He maintains second place in CCLP3 after Eddy Limb retook first place late last year.

Among his many high scores, the most famous in each set are generally known as the first 306 in Follow the Glacier Brick Road, whose boosting was once thought to be humanly impossible to perform, and the almost inhumanly unlucky 436 route to Blobnet (though strategy, readable on its page, helps out quite a bit).

J.B.'s talent, often known as prodigious, is usually best seen in squeezing the last few seconds out of a level, using roundabout routes, efficient block pushing, and laser-accurate monster usage.

J.B was also the group leader of the CCLP3 staff. Thirty-three of his 99 eligible levels were placed into CCLP3, which was the most of any designer. He reprised his role as staff leader for CCLP1, and had 13 of his levels make it into the final set.

Level sets[edit]

J.B has numerous level sets available online. JL1 contains 101 levels, many of which were available in a more primitive form in his previous set JohnL1, which since has been taken offline. JohnL2 was a set created to emulate the style of AndrewB1, and thus is only compatible with the MS ruleset.

His next set, JBLP1, has had two different iterations. The first was a 100 level set that eased the difficulty curve of JL1 by swapping out some levels for new ones and making existing ones more fair. After the construction of JBLP1, he began work on JBLP2, but was quickly running short on ideas to fill in 100 levels. In August 2014, he revamped the existing JBLP1 by adding new levels from JBLP2 and swapping out others, bringing the level total to 149.

Later, in May 2015, Chip's Challenge 2 was finally released on Steam. J.B. released a new 100-level set titled Centennium, which was a collection of ported levels from JBLP1 with added bonus flags and decorative floors and walls, which at the time were two of CC2's largest differences from the first game. He began work on a second set titled Centennium II which featured original compositions, but once again found himself short of ideas, this time after a whopping 10 levels.

Between then and his latest set he spent most of his Chip's Challenge time optimizing, until 2018 when he started his magnum opus for Chip's Challenge 1 level designing: Walls of CCLP1. This new 149-level set, inspired by other sets such as Walls of CCLP4 and Walls of CCLP3 from other designers, features 149 brand new levels using the walls of Chip's Challenge Level Pack 1.

Levels in official packs[edit]


# Name
9 Swept Away
30 Button Brigade
48 Sundance
53 Start at the End
54 Mini Pyramid
70 Juxtaposition
72 Breathing Room
80 Flipside
86 Starry Night
93 Flame War
108 Exhibit Hall
114 Comfort Zone
136 Whirlpool


# Name
29 Tool Box
30 Problem Solver
37 Blue Moon
38 Wireframe
41 Patchwork
42 Every Trick in the Book
50 Once Upon a Troubadour
53 Backtrack
55 Construct-a-Maze
59 Air Pocket
66 The Aftermath
70 On the Coast
82 Mediterranean
85 Maginot Line
86 To Catch a Thief
87 Block and Key
99 Freezer
108 Magic Trick
109 Hidden Depths
110 Floating Plaza
113 Stress Fracture
118 Obstacle Course
120 Twisted Chambers
125 Water Trap
127 Beat the Heat
128 Divide and Conquer
130 Four by Four
133 Think Tank
136 Grand Prix
137 Vulcan
139 Rotation
142 Mudpie
149 Mr. McCallahan Presents


# Name
6 Proving Grounds
16 Reservoir Frogs
61 Blue Tooth
70 Science Museum
109 Shemozzle
143 Color Coordination
146 Japanese Game Show


J.B maintains a YouTube channel where he posts Let's Plays. He was the first to do Let's Plays of Chuck's Challenge 3D and Chip's Challenge 2. He has also done many Let's Plays of CC1 sets, official and custom, of which include:

  • CC1
  • CCLP1
  • CCLP2
  • CCLP3
  • CCLP4
  • Pit of 100 Tiles
  • The Other 100 Tiles
  • Chip56
  • JoshL4
  • JoshL5
  • JoshL7
  • Walls of CCLP4
  • Ultimate Chip 6