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Mediterranean is the 82nd level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by J.B. Lewis, and was titled Puzzle Poupourri in the original set.

469 route: Get the green key, go through the green door, collect the top chip, and slide D into the teleport. Collect all 3 chips in this room, teleport D to get 2 chips, teleport R to get 4 chips (to the right of this teleport), teleport L, collect 3 chips and flippers, and collect the objects in the following order: suction, ice, flippers, fire, ice, suction, chip, fire, flippers, chip, then teleport D, collect all 4 chips in this room, teleport R. Now clone 2 fireballs, release the first one, collect the 2 chips that are now accessible at the top, clone and release 4 fireballs, and release fireball 3 after fireball 4 has bounced off the trap. Then clone and release 1 more fireball, collect the chips in the top left, release the fireball from the trap, and collect the remaining chips. Teleport U, collect a chip, teleport D, collect 3 chips, teleport D U to collect 2 chips, teleport L and press the green button to get 3 chips. Teleport R L R D to collect the last chip, then teleport U, go through the upper socket and push the block D, and step on it. Now move 3R D 6R U 4D U L R D R 2D 2L U R 4D (the fireball should now be deflected over the red button), then press the blue button and green button twice each. Now back and teleport D U D R L R D, go through the red door, and through the toggle walls, tanks and trap (the fireball controls them all) to the exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 82.png


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