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Player mirror

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Mirror Chip and mirror Melinda, sometimes referred to as player mimics or doppelgängers, are monsters which appear as Chip and Melinda with a red background, respectively. Player mirrors attempt to move only when the player does. When the player is playing as Chip, all mirror Chips in the level will try to move as the player while mirror Melindas do not respond, and vice-versa when playing as Melinda. Player mirrors interact with terrain exactly like Chip and Melinda do, with the exceptions of spring mining and the inability to override force floors and red and yellow teleports: for example, mirror Chips will slide on ice without ice cleats and can walk on gravel, whereas mirror Melindas cannot walk on gravel without hiking boots and always walk on ice normally.

Player mirrors are notable for being two of few creatures with their own inventories under normal circumstances. They pick up, use, and interact with items exactly the same way as player characters do, except that they cannot activate time bombs, collect chips, or grant the player bonus points when collecting bonus flags. This means, for example, that mirror Chips can use green keys infinitely, while mirror Melindas can use yellow keys infinitely. Player mirrors can collect up to four items, and after the fifth they will drop the first item they collected. They cannot, however, manually cycle or drop items like the player can, nor can they slap in any form.

The response time of player mirrors depends on their position in the monster list relative to the active player character. Those after the player respond immediately, whereas those before the player respond one tick later. Furthermore, player mirrors respond to input first and movement second. For example, if the player is holding a single direction on a winding stretch of railroad tracks and the affected player mirrors never encounter obstacles in their path, those earlier in the monster list will copy the railroad's path, whereas those later in the monster list will move in a straight line.

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