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Monster list

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The monster list is a recording of which monsters in a Chip's Challenge level can move, in the monster order.

Monsters that are specifically set not to be put on the list, are on the lower layer of play, or that are on clone machines, are not in the monster list. There are several applications of the monster list, such as the monster order and the methods of exiting traps and clone machines.

Mechanics in level editors[edit]

To create the monster order, the monster list is gathered in chronological order of creation, or as specified by the user. The monster list can be accessed and read at any time in a level editor, and the monster order can be manually adjusted using the controls given. ChipEdit is slightly more advanced, as it allows the user to move a monster to the very front or very back of the monster order.

CCLD also allows selected monsters to be arbitrarily added to and removed from the monster list, and records how many monsters are in the list. To find the total number of monsters in a level, save the level and use the Populate command, which will add them all to the monster list, and then undo.

Mechanics within Chip's Challenge[edit]

The level format for CC1 can contain up to 127 levels in the monster list. This list is processed in order to see where the monsters move, and thus outcomes of collisions between monsters depend on what order they are on the list.

The monster list will also control the principles of the controller and the boss. The boss is the final monster in the monster list, and the controller is the previous monster in the monster list. Controllers and bosses are not permanent, as new monsters can be cloned and old monsters can be killed. However, the bug, paramecium and teeth, when these principles malfunction during editing or the level itself, will trigger the Controller and Boss Glitch.

New monsters are added to the monster list during play by being cloned. Another special case exists: if a red button is connected to a monster off the list and is pressed, and the direction it would move is legal, the monster will be added to the list and move in the manner any other monster with this polarity on this square would move. Monsters are removed from the monster list only when they run into destructive obstacles fatal to them.