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Recessed wall

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A recessed wall or pop-up wall is a tile in Chip's Challenge that acts as a wall to everything except Chip. Chip can only step on it once, after which it becomes a wall. The level Cellblocked is composed exclusively of recessed walls.

In Chip's Challenge 1, recessed walls only take effect when stepped onto, not when moved off of. If a block is on top of a recessed wall, Chip can enter the square while revealing the tile as a wall. In MS, buried recessed walls in an invalid tile combination, like most tiles in this situation, do not take effect the first time they are revealed: the second step on the recessed wall will be the one that turns it into a wall.

In Chip's Challenge 2, they are slightly different in that they take effect when stepped off of, not onto. As a result, pushing blocks off of them typically does not allow the pusher to enter the recessed wall, resulting in a flick.

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