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A flick is a specialized technique in the MS ruleset of Chip's Challenge, which allows Chip to move a block off an acting wall. In many cases, it is otherwise impossible to get a block to its destination. Prominent flick levels include Debug File, Checkerboard II, and Captured, all of which depend on the flick for the purposes of completing the level.


For a flick to work, the block must be directly next to Chip, on top of any acting wall from his current location. Some tiles, such as an ice corner or a thin wall, will only block specific directions. Also importantly, the block itself must be able to make the intended move legally; otherwise, nothing will happen.



In this small level, to reach the exit, Chip must move the block to pass the water. When he tries to move -L, the block is pushed L off the east thin wall, such that this happens:

Flick part 2.png

and the block continues to slide across the ice until Chip can use it. Note that if the thin wall was facing west, the flick would not work from this direction, as there is no acting wall.

In Chip's Challenge 2[edit]

Flicking appears in a more minor form in CC2, where entities can push blocks off of recessed walls, railroads with appropriate junctions, turtles, and swivel doors but do not move onto the tile the block was previously occupying afterward.

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