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Replay is the 18th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Mike Lask, based off the its premise that four of the chips are faster to collect than the other three, and Chip should collect those to go for bold; it was thus originally titled Going for Bold. It is possible to avoid the socket entirely as demonstrated here (and it is also Lynx-compatible), but this solution is slower than the intended method. A perfect route will be complemented by even step.

One specific pair of flippers in room 4 allows Chip to swim back out and finish the room later; collect this and forge directly east into room 5, wait [1] and then take the north path around. Zigzag up and down through the pink balls and take the chip in the center, then beat the ball on column 30 out to safety (from it) on column 29 and perform more zigzag dodging to run back out. Room 3 is an easy choice in MS due to heavy use of boosting, so go here first; spring slide on the >L UR move to the chip, but not the >L DR move away from it.

Run down to room 8 and swim to the chip, then step on the L force floor and finish Steam in room 4, and step onto the U, R and D force floors on the way to the socket guarding room 7. The teeth behind the toggle wall will move on the turn after its release, which is always ideal when the player desires to get a teeth moving as quick as possible; sometime in the period of the next 4L DL 2D R, wait [1] to bring the teeth down one row from its original row, such that when Chip runs through the southwest part of this wall maze the teeth will be lured around another wall and then through the center, out of Chip's way, as he snakes around the other edges to take the suction boots which then permit him to exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 18.png


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