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Rink is the 61st level in Chip's Challenge 1. The level is, as hinted in the decade message to Scoundrel, an ice level with blue walls. As with most ice levels, it is annoying though fun when simply shooting around; it is frequent for players to spend long periods of time finding the last few chips in Rink.

The full route through is: URUD (chip) DLDL 2R (chip) 2U R 2U R (chip) RUR (chip) RUD (chip) R 2D (chip) 2U RURL 2D 2R LDL (chip) RU 2R 3D L (chip) L 2D 2L D (chip) DULU 2L DLDRD (chip) DLDRD 4R U (chip) D 2L D 2U (chip) D 3R 2U LULULU 2L (chip) 2R 2U 2L DL 2D LD (chip) UL 2U RU 2R U 2D RDRDR 2D 3L 2D L 2U 2L D (chip) U 4R 2U LU (chip) 2D R and exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 61.png


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