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Slo Mo

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Slo Mo is the 62nd level in Chip's Challenge 1. The level is a mess of toggle walls that switch only once every four moves; fortunately, there are some open corridors for Chip to move through. However, there are bunches of blobs that are typically located near the corridors, and once they come in, it's tough for them to come out. If a blob is near one of these and one wants to avoid taking a risk, try not to use that area.

Unfortunately, avoiding the blobs is made more difficult due to the swarm of 10 teeth chasing Chip; to help with avoiding them, simply try to stay away from the bottom-right corner. The exit is just a little below the top-right corner of the map.


  • For many years, this level along with Jumping Swarm were believed to be the only two levels in Chip's Challenge 1 that are impossible to get a time of 1 second remaining on. Jumping Swarm has not been proven possible or impossible due to the absurd number of potential random seeds; however, in December of 2018, Kacper Leszczyński, using SuperCC, proved that it was in fact theoretically possible to finish Slo Mo with just 1 second remaining.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 62.png


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