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Short Circuit

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Short Circuit is the 105th level in Chip's Challenge 1. While it is a monochromatic design, Short Circuit is a one-way maze which leads in no specific given direction, leading to a challenging "puzzle" level that requires specific thinking to avoid excessive guesswork. Only with zero chips left can Chip return across any remaining recessed walls, the open chip spaces, and through the sockets.

The easiest strategy for solving large sections of the level is to take chips whenever they are forced to be taken due to a dead end being created; the first moves of 3D 2R 2U 8R 2D 6L 2D 4L 10D 4R collect the first three chips thusly. Continue 2U, then 2L 6U 4R 2U 4R 2D through more dead ends, 2L 2D and 4L 2D 4R 2D 2L 2D 4R 2U through another set. The two chips to the east will both be in dead ends if Chip moves 2R, so continue 4U instead, then proceed through an even longer forced path of 9R 2U 3L 2U 3R 2U 5L 4D 2L 6U 13R 2D 4L 2D 6R 4U 2R 6D 8L 6D 2L 2U 7L 2D 5R 2D.

Neither west or east are obvious at this location, but continuing west will allow Chip to unravel the outer layers of the level first rather than attempting to enter the inside, which would require a path that blocks off chips. Traverse the forced paths, and when not obvious using the far outer rings, walking 5L 2D 12L 6D 2R 4U 2R 8D 2L 2U 2L 4D 20R 8U 5R 6U 2R 12D 3L 2U R 2U 3L 6D 7R 16U 4L 2U 4R 2U 6L 10D 2L and dropping the chip counter to seven. The finishing moves are counter-clockwise when not forced: 4U 2L 2D 5L 2D 8L 8D 12R 8U 2L 6D 2L 4U 2L.

6R down the 12R path, there is a choice to move north, and both paths get all the chips but east puts Chip closer to the exit. From the final chip, walk 4L 3U 2L 2U 2R 2U R 6U 2R 9U into the exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 105.png


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