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Special is the 149th and final level in Chip's Challenge 1. It is the final secret level in the game, and is considered by many to be the true final level. It is very easy to solve with a map, but there are many hot blocks, and the exit will escape almost all casual players.

The Lynx difficulty is assuredly down to 2, given that block slapping allows Chip to avoid running into all the hot blocks except the ones on the edge. (Block N Roll also suffers from a similar inequality.) Given that Chip only needs to risk his life pushing the blocks on the edges and the corners, the exit would have been placed under there, and once one of the hints is discovered, it is likely to narrow the choices all the way down to the edges. Start by getting the yellow key and continue the key itemswapper out to the green key. After opening the green lock, a teleport transports Chip to the southwest corner of the level.

There are four corners and four edges; careful thinking and a bit of trial and error will lead Chip to the exit. Finding one of the three hints in the other three corners will signal the player that the exit is not anywhere in the corners. Since there is no obvious place for the exit to be, it must be hidden by stealth. As the only Lynx-compatible place for the exit to be is under a block, the remaining challenge is where to find it. The edges, by inference, are the most likely location.

Shove block 3 straight up and add block 2 to this, bridging to island 4. Since Chip reaches this very quickly, it is quite unlikely that the exit is on the west edge. Move block 3 R 4U R and insert block 1 to reach the center. From this, block 5 is immediately usable; stuff this R 5U and block 3 2L 3U. On the very top edge, beyond island 2, there are three blocks; heave block 1 L to uncover the exit, which ends the game and triggers the ending sequence (the second video).

The exit with Chip in it enlarges to fill the whole screen and Chip raises and lowers his arms in victory. When the last window is closed, the image of Chip triumphantly holding a computer chip and being hoisted into the air as one of their own by the Bit Busters club remains as part of the window.

The story of Chip's Challenge 1 is "officially" over, but Chip can return to any level to collect more seconds, level bonuses, or both. At the current writing, the score for all bold times is 5,977,720, the Melinda score is 5,977,800, the highest recorded score by a single person is 5,977,660, and to break into the top 10, at least 5,977,120 is required.


  • Special is the only level in CC1 with more than one hint tile.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 149.png


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