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Telenet is the 85th level in Chip's Challenge 1. The level has a series of passageways between the massive "telenet" that names the level and takes up most of it, which lead to the blue key in the lower left, and then into the telenet itself at the lower right through the blue lock.

This level can be completed safely, without touching the fireballs, by teleporting to the safe spot between the wall and the teleport each time. To travel through all 16 teleports this way, slide >[R 2U RURLURLURDULD]. The solution given below is faster, but much harder owing to the mammoth 15-teleport sequence at the end of the level.

To simplify the 236 route, use the safe paths whenever they cost nothing; from the entrance to the telenet, slide in the order of >[R 2L DUDLURL 2R LR], which puts Chip in room 15 with the final chip but no red key. Ignore the chip and finish >L to take the red key, then slide horizontally through the entire telenet to access the red lock again (>R 7:[>LR]); any other 15-teleport sequence requires waiting at some point along the line, which is consciously more challenging than an uninterrupted sequence of 15 slides.

Wait [2] (the only waiting necessary in the whole level), take the last chip and escape, then walk around towards the telenet and move north instead, which leads to the socket and then to the exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 85.png


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