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The Architect

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The Architect is a well-known member of the community and programmer, best known as the developer of CCCreator.

The Architect served on the CCLP1 staff and wrote the set's storyline, which was distributed along with the set in a CCX file. He also served as the staff speaker for CCLP4, and is currently part of the staff for CC2LP1.

He has created two short level sets: CCLP1_Lessons, 16 lesson levels for CCLP1 consideration; and Architect01, containing five levels. He also designed the official logo for CCLP1, found on the official CCLP1 website, which is a fully playable level that he distributed in a small one-level set titled CCLP1_Icon.

The Architect has reported scores of 5,959,620 in CCLP3 MS and 5,894,720 in Lynx. He claims he has completed all four other official sets in MS and Lynx, excluding CCLXP2 in Lynx, but currently he has not reported any scores for them.

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