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Time modifier

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A time modifier is a type of tile introduced in Chip's Challenge 2 that modifies the level's time limit. These three tiles include the time bonus, time penalty, and time toggle (or stopwatch). Each of these tiles were introduced in Quick Time, Quick Time II, and Quick Time III, respectively. When Chip or Melinda collect a time bonus, the time limit increases by 10 seconds, and when they collect a time penalty, the time limit decreases by 10 seconds. Chip or Melinda, along with player mirrors, can step on the time toggle to stop the time limit from counting down or resume the time limit if it is already stopped.

When a level is untimed, a time bonus will make the level timed and provide the player with 10 seconds, as seen in Crazy II. Collecting a time penalty in an untimed level will instantly kill Chip. Stepping on a time toggle in an untimed level has no effect. If the time limit is active and at 10 seconds or lower, Chip or Melinda will run out of time if they collect a time penalty. If the time limit is stopped in this same situation, the timer will stay paused at its absolute minimum non-zero value, at which the player will immediately die if time is ever unstopped. This behavior is used in the bold time for Freeze Frame.