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Wall (disambiguation)

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The wall is the most basic barrier in Chip's Challenge. There are many variations of wall tiles in both Chip's Challenge 1 and Chip's Challenge 2, and all of them behave a bit differently. Here is a complete list of every different type of wall, along with brief descriptions of their most basic functions.

Chip's Challenge 1 and 2[edit]

  • Thin wall - panels that block moving objects from one direction
  • Ice corner - a cross between a thin wall and an ice tile
  • Hidden wall - invisible walls that appear when Chip pushes against them
  • Invisible wall - invisible walls that never appear, or appear for a short time in CC2
  • Blue wall - blue walls that change to wall or floor depending on whether they are real or fake
  • Toggle wall - walls that switch between wall and floor with the push of a green button, or a nearby gray button or with the activation of a connected wire in CC2
  • Socket - walls until all the computer chips are collected, at which point they are acting dirt
  • Lock - walls until opened by an object that can open locks and is carrying a key of the same color
  • Clone machine - walls that can clone the object on top of them when there is one

Only in Chip's Challenge 1[edit]

  • Not used - the default behavior of tiles in MS is "wall", so most tiles that are never meant to be placed directly on a map are walls (contrast with CC2, in which the default tile behavior is "floor")

Only in Chip's Challenge 2[edit]

  • Green wall - similar to blue walls, but cannot be permanently revealed
  • Steel wall - blocks ghosts, immune to time bomb explosions, and can carry wire
  • custom wall - blocks ghosts, but are not immune to time bomb explosions and cannot carry wire
  • Switch door - like toggle walls, but are only activated by wires and gray buttons
  • Swivel door - like thin walls, but only from the outside, and can rotate
  • No sign - blocks any movable object carrying the key or item specified on the sign

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