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The floor is the most basic tile in Chip's Challenge. It consists of a single square which everything can move through as long as it stays clear.

Chip's Challenge 2 introduced new floor variants. There are decorative floors in four different colors - green, pink, yellow, and blue. These decorative tiles will block ghosts. In addition, there are letter tiles that can be used to give indications on where to go or to spell out a message. On all types of special floors, the player is not allowed to drop yellow teleports, and fireballs cannot melt ice blocks.

Additionally in Chip's Challenge 2, floor tiles, like steel walls, accept a wire modifier. Wires, as their name suggests, are used to connect different pieces of circuitry, such as buttons or logic gates. Because wire is a modifier and not a distinct tile, the player is allowed to drop yellow teleports on them and fireballs can melt ice blocks placed on top of them. Wires will still be functional underneath the water created by a melted ice block, but the covered tile will not be affected by an entity that carries the lightning bolt. These special properties do not apply to logic gates themselves because they are distinct tiles from floor.

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