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Replay II

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Replay II is the 89th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Ida Roberthson, who originally titled it Replay. Just like the original, not all chips are required.

390 route: Go up the ice to the right, collect a yellow key, and return to collect a red key from the top left door. Go down through the zigzag path and through the red door to collect a green key. Go through the green doors to collect blue and yellow keys and a chip. Go back up the zigzag path, collect 2 red keys from the top right doors, and go back up over the ice. Collect yellow keys from the leftmost door (in the glider room) and the middle door (the trap room). The top 2 trap buttons need to be held open to get the chips – the key is under the rightmost block. Go back to the centre and collect 2 red keys from the middle right doors, then go to the top left and down towards the pink ball column. Go up towards the middle red door (the fire room), collecting a yellow key here, and collect a blue key from the bottom-left room – push the top block L so the green button is pressed more frequently, and use the other block to hold down the trap buttons from the bottom up. Go back to the centre room and collect 2 red keys from the bottom left doors. Exit this room via the bottom right, and go through the second red door on the right. This leads through some toggle walls to a red key (there is no need to collect the chip at the end of this path). Go back to the ice, slide up, then push the lowest block across the water to get the final 3 chips that are needed. Then go through the red door to the right and slide to the exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 89.png


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