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Ida Roberthson

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Ida Roberthson, commonly known as Ida R, is a level designer from Sweden.

Ida has four main levelsets: Ida.dat, Ida2, Ida3 and Ida4, totalling 117 levels. She also created two other levelsets: Ida_tutorials, containing lesson levels for CCLP1 consideration, and Ida_Replays, containing three versions of one level. Ida has 15 levels in official sets, 10 of which are in CCLP3.

Ida also created many of the levels in the original level pack of Will's World.

Levels in official packs[edit]


# Name
17 Tiny
47 Bombs Away
126 Peek-a-Boo


# Name
14 Window Shopping
15 Bumper
19 Super Chip
44 Tiny Spirals
67 The Haunted House
80 Checkers
89 Replay II
116 Mini Challenges
124 Jumble III
132 Commit Suicide?


# Name
96 Lean Thinking
102 The Key Issue


# Name
68 PPPuzzles