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The Mystery of the Seven Chips

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The Mystery of the Seven Chips is the 37th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. Once Chip gets to the chips, it's not mysterious, but there is a possibility of running into a trap if he moves too quickly.

This article documents the solution to score a 322. Since the writing of this, a 324 can be found at the public TWS.

When Chip passes the bouncing tanks, he must first play to the north and move the block 2L out of the way to allow himself to pass through later. This does cause the glider to chase him, so he must move fast over the force floor and then to the teleports. The glider will start cloning other gliders, which will multiply endlessly in the south room, so Chip must move fast through the telenet.

In this area, slide 4U LRL through each teleport after collecting each chip, then sneak just to the left, pass more tanks and slide into the ice rink. Leap RDLU and then walk to the left, and touch the green button twice to insure that the paramecium not only stops switching the tanks, but stays locked out. Now, since Chip cannot use the path he just took, follow across the top and then drop into the exit below the start.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp2 full map level 37.png


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