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Anders Pemer

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Anders Pemer has created two levels in CCLP2. It was actually he who introduced Christian Ståhl to Chip's Challenge, when they met at a web design education in 1997, which lead to Ståhl finding level editors and showing them to Pemer. Pemer has always had lots of hobbies and interests, so often one particular interest might become very intensive for a short while only. Still, it was enough for him to make a couple of his own levels, which Ståhl got on a file, with two of them ending up joining Ståhl's own contributions to CCLP2. At that time, Ståhl unintentionally forgot these two weren't his own, so initially they were credited to him until he e-mailed Pemer to tell about CCLP2 and Pemer recognized the two levels and was properly credited.

Levels in official packs[edit]


# Name
50 Smorgasbord
91 Tutti-Frutti