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Tutti-Frutti is the 91st level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. As indicated, Tutti-Frutti is a giant maze with everything in it, rather in the vein of Smorgasbord seen earlier in the set. Like Smorgasbord, Tutti-Frutti is rather tedious but not hard. However, there are two red locks and two blue locks, giving Chip a choice which will speed the level up if done correctly, and a shortcut back to the exit that saves some time but leaves Chip at risk of running into the gliders.

The correct order of business is fire boots, red key, use this key on the ice skates, then blue key, and use this key for the flippers. Now, swim across the river and take the 65 chips, switch the toggle walls, and take the keys near the exit, and now use the teleport to reach the main area again. Collect suction boots, yellow key behind force floor, fire boots and other yellow key, then flippers, and now use the remaining yellow key, flippers, and fire boots to reach the 66th chip in the north-west corner.

Return towards the fire boots and turn right at the last moment to take the green key from the socket, then either use the water river for a safe route, or enter the teleport behind the toggle wall at precisely 471.2 for a time of 468.8. Up to three extra moves can be expended.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp2 full map level 91.png


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