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Smorgasbord is the 50th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. This level is so named due to the large itemswapper section, or "smorgasbord", that Chip must cycle through in order to collect one of the level's chips. While it is long, it does not have any specifically hard puzzles to complete; the teeth in the maze, however, is hard to optimize to a time. Use odd step for this route, to simplify some later movements.

Using odd step, wait [3], then follow the path to three blocks and use 2, 3 and 1 to collect the flippers and the chip. Slide over the ice, then move onto the far left force floor dive and collect the suction boots, ice skates and flippers, and then the chip below. Next through here is the itemswapper section: walk to the ice skates at the far north edge, and then follow the order of green key, flippers, blue key, fire boots, red key, green button, suction boots, yellow key, and finally the chip.

With no further need for the boots, play past the next thief and collect a chip, then push the block L to collect new flippers. Jump into the teleport, then continue along and slide >R into a pool to pick up a chip and another pair of ice skates underneath. At this point, with perfect boosting in the two sections where it has been used, plus odd step, the following route should be taken. If moves have been lost, drop [1] if the number is odd up to the point of four moves lost.

From the ice skates, skate D 2R 4D R 2D to the chip, which starts the teeth in the maze moving; the quickest way to get past them is 3:LU L 3D L [2] 3U L 3D LU [1] U [1] UL [2] D 2:[[1] D]. By now, you can see the teeth, so guide it into suicide and then steal the chip, and continue through to the tank. Since it does not wait upon being switched and this route is a 428.0, exact timing is required here. With no moves lost yet, wait [5], and if time has been lost deduct those moves from five. If [6] or more has been lost, the bold cannot be reached.

Continue all the way to the very center, picking up several chips, and then a third set of flippers. Use this to collect the one chip left behind before returning to the exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp2 full map level 50.png


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