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Archie Pusaka

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Archie Pusaka is a Chipster known for his acclaimed level set ArchieP1, released in 2011. The set is mostly characterized by compact, single-themed puzzles, and is known for containing devilishly difficult levels in the later portion of the set rivaling the difficulty of even the final decades of Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. Little other information about Archie is known, and he has not released any follow up to ArchieP1.

Levels in official packs[edit]


# Name
27 Teleport Depot
51 H2O Below 273 K
57 Key Farming
63 New Block in Town
75 ToggleTank
85 Black Hole
113 Teleport Trouble
125 Blockade
141 Flush
143 Amphibia


# Name
72 Sewerway
94 Ditchdigger
134 Pushover
137 The Longest Track

External links[edit]

Download ArchieP1 from Chip's Challenge Yahoo! group archive