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List of Chipsters

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Chipsters (singular Chipster) is a colloquial term used by players of Chip's Challenge to refer to each other or the community as a whole. The term was originally used by the original CC community, named the Charter Chipsters. This group is generally inactive and unknown today, although some are still playing the game.

This page provides a list of known chipsters and their aliases.

Note: The list is based on the what the contributors to this page know and remember, so it is quite likely incomplete. Some names and aliases might not have been matched and may hence be listed separately.

Another note: This page is public. Some people may not want their names or certain aliases of theirs published. Think twice before adding to this list.

The List[edit]

Name Alias(es)
Aaron Farmer
Alex Morin Sénécal
Alice Voith fishofgold
Anders Kaseorg andersmath
Andrew Bennett ManipulatorGeneral, Octavarium, quadrupleplay
Andrew Chen
Andrew Ernst
Andrew Gapic
Andrew Menzies ajmiam
Andrew Raykowski andyrkki
Andy Thomas
Anne Olsen melinda9
Anne Salaam francesalaam
Archie Pusaka arcturus
Ashley Newcomer
Barbara Lemmond
Ben Wiseman
Bill Reid Skully
Blake Ebert
Bona Rae Villarta
Brandon Lee Vaporeon260
Brian Raiter breadbox
Camden Tatsapaugh CamdenT
Charles Hutjens
Chiara Watson
Christian Direnius
Christian Ståhl
Christina Carrera
Christopher Elsby
Chuck Sommerville
Craig Glenn Arnold Craiga2124
Craig Vilbig CV, Noivilbo
Dale Bryan
Dan Miller jsreed5
Dan Padgett
Daniel Bouwmeester
Dave Borgman
Dave Varberg geodave
David Chen
David Knight
David Pinkston
David Stanley
David Stolp pieguy
David Thomas
Derek Bowser Bowman, challenge_of_chip
Dino Brewster dbomb
Drake Wilson
Drew Thomas
Dylan Schmidt Temporary Man
Eddy Limb lookatthis, I lat I
Edward Mason
Elizabeth (Lizzy) Brockway starfishgurl
Emily Higgins Naemuti
Eric Schmidt Eric119
Evan Dummit
Finn Jepsen
Flynn Burklin
Francesco & Matteo R. ChipHome5
Frode van der Meeren
Gavin Duncan Cheese2K
Gigih Agung Pradipta BlazingApollo, HollowGap
Giorgio Bianchi
Grant Fikes mathgrant
Hallgeir Flø
Hank Lin
Henry Potts Pottsie
Herbert Holzbauer
Ian Cairns PB_Guy
Ian Wilson thinker
Ida Roberthson
Jacques Smith GreenKitten
James Anderson jamesa7171
James Spriggs
Jan Altman Andante
Jason Farnam
Jeanne Hoffman
Jeffrey Bardon ihavenoname248
Jimmy Vermeer purpletentacle
Joe Oliva micro'nexer
John Brian Lewis thetopcrusader
John Elion
John Griffin hillbilly
John H. LimoJohn
John Hornick Ryan Hornick
John Matthews
Jonathan Birchall jbdude55
Jonathan McRae
Josh Lee Flareon350, pkmndiamond493
Joshua Bone
Julian Uy uyjulian
K. E. Frith
Kacper Leszczyński Bacorn
Kathy LaPier
Kevin Gordon
Kevin Smith
Kevin Stallman KTNUSA
Kris Lask
Kyle Wightman Knight of Time
Larry Jackson
Luc Longpré
Madhav Shanbhag KeyboardWielder, crapulentcretin
Marc Larivière
Markus Olivera
Matthew Petras
Maybelle Poole
Michael Hansen Translucent Dragon
Michael Moorman tensorpudding
Michael Sugantino MikeSugs13
Michael Thourne
Michael Warner
Miika Toukola kiskneru, M11k4
Mike Lask pillowpc2001
Mike Windels Razorflame
Nicholas Ross
Nicholas Rupprecht
Nick Bush
Nikola Tesla
Norman L. de Forest The Flashing Cursor
Pat Thomas
Patrick B. Knowles II syllypryde
Paul Gilbert
Paul Hobden
Paul Jackson
Pekka Lassila
Peter Marks themarksman
Peter Andersson
Renegade Plebeian
Reynaldi Judianto
Ricky Blaquière Zommy08
Rock Généreux Rockdet
Roger Quick
Rolf Redford xxcoder
Royce Campbell
Ruben Spaans stubbscroll
Ryan Feenstra
Ryan J. random 8, CQUNC
Scott Feeney Graue, Catatonic Porpoise
Shane Climenhaga Ben Hornlitz
Shmuel Siegel
Steven Jones Syzygy
Thomas H. The Architect
Tom Brown Tomsbananacakes
Tom Li
Tom Patten AdrenalinDragon
Tom Rowe
Trevor Hedges BigOto2
Tyler Sontag quiznos00, geochip1
Vincent Crist
Victor Tsukamoto vitor
Warwick Anderson
Wes Powers
Yongyi Chen Icy001
Zane Kuecks Inzane, IceyLava108
? budugoo
? Chipwoodstock
? ccexplore
? chipster1059
Indyindeed, Kataac
Sparkman, Bubbleman
Tyrethali Ansrath