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Colony is the 100th level in Chip's Challenge 1. The structure of Colony is composed of 49 3x3 cells peppered with fireballs and gliders in a 7x7 square, plus another seven 2x3 cells on the west and south without chips in them. The exit is in the southwest corner.

Since there is no time limit to Colony, and the monsters are completely reined into predictable patterns, its only difficulty is patience, which isn't a big obstacle. In this 88-second route, run in this direction through the cells, collecting the chip unless instructed not to.

DLUL (no chip) DU 3L DLUL 3D R (no chip) DULU 3R URD 3R LD (no chip) R 2L DRD (no chip) RUDL (no chip) DRLULDUL (no chip) DU (no chip) L (no chip) UDR 2U 2L 3D (no chip) RLDL 2U L 2D

Decade message[edit]

After the completion of this level, the next decade message is revealed:
Besides being an angel on earth, Melinda is the top scorer in the Challenge—and the president of the Bit Busters.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 100.png


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