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Corridor is the 71st level in Chip's Challenge 1. The level is built around collecting 11 of the 13 blocks available (Chip must waste one block on both sides) from two symmetrical areas to reach the last key to get into the exit, at the very end of the path. The first block is really easy; the other ten, not so much. For continuity, stay on the left side and then mirror things on the right.

From the first red lock, play UD first to pick up the chip, then walk 3L 3D (LD) RDL to free the blocks, move the lowest block 2U, and the block on the far right out, followed by the one now in the center. This reaches the red key; mirror this on the right. Capture the green key, the four chips, and blue key, and then return to the left.

From the blue lock, move L 3U (2R) 4U D, move the top block out, and mirror this on the other side to raid an identical position on the right side of the corridor. Also take the central blocks out, then finally the last blocks behind the two locks. Now, notice that there are walkers to each side; this route will not work every time. Do a little calculating and figure out which side will get Chip into less trouble, and dive right in to take the blue key. Now, move to the exit below.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 71.png


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