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Flame jet

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The flame jet is a hazard introduced in Chip's Challenge 2. Flame jets can be toggled on and off with orange buttons. gray buttons, or a wire signal. If they are active, they will kill Chip, Melinda, or any monster besides fireballs if they step on it without fire boots. Ice blocks and directional blocks are also destroyed if they are pushed on an active flame jet, like with fire (except that melting ice blocks cannot replace flame jets with water).

Orange buttons, gray buttons, and wires interact with flame jets differently and independently. Orange buttons will toggle the state of the corresponding flame jet on press and on release, while gray buttons only toggle flame jets on press, and wires only toggle flame jets on a rising signal ('off' to 'on'). Consequently, if multiple orange buttons connect to the same flame jet, they interact with each other in an exclusive or-like fashion: if an even number of them are held down, the flame jet maintains its original state, and if an odd number of them are held down, the flame jet maintains the opposite state.


CC2 has an Easter egg involving flame jets: if the notes section of a C2M file begins with "[JETLIFE]n", where "n" is a positive integer, flame jets will function in a manner resembling Conway's Game of Life. Active flame jets and fire tiles are treated as live cells, while inactive flame jets and all other terrain are treated as dead cells. On every nth frame from the start of the level, the game will advance one generation by updating the state of each flame jet according to standard Game of Life rules; fire tiles act as permanently live cells, while all other terrain act as permanently dead cells (though they are not all truly permanent, as terrain can still be modified through normal means, e.g. ice blocks and time bombs). Orange and gray buttons and wires still interact with flame jets normally.