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Ice block

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An ice block is a special type of block introduced in Chip's Challenge 2 which can be pushed by Chip, Melinda, rovers and yellow tanks.

It can also be inserted into Chip's Challenge 1 using the patch pgchip by pie guy. The properties of ice blocks from this patch are slightly different than those of Chip's Challenge 2.


  • Multiple ice blocks in a row can be pushed simultaneously.
  • Ice blocks will turn fire into water, and water into ice.
  • Ice blocks will remove dirt, though not acting dirt.

CC1 only[edit]

CC2 only[edit]

Use in CC1[edit]

After applying the pgchip patch, one of the unused tiles is then replaced with the ice block in the tile index. The patch was written before Chip's Challenge 2 was released, so David Stolp worked with descriptions from Chuck Sommerville to create the tile.

Special level sets, or just special levels in the set, have been made to demonstrate the effect of the ice block; Chip can play the levels that do not have the tile in them normally, but must use pgchip to play the ones with.

External Links[edit]

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