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Forced Entry

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Forced Entry is the 22nd level in Chip's Challenge 1, and is one of the hardest levels in the early part of the set. The easiest way to solve Forced Entry is to simply step R, then pick up the chips as Chip either can directly step off to take them, or is within a couple quick boosting moves; however, one mistake can cost large amounts of time. The bold route solves the level in a mere seven seconds; it takes the chips in forwards reading order, and all routes should attempt to do this, as it is the quickest path through the chips.

The actual bold route is thus: hold east until Chip reaches chip 1, then move at 10 m/s 8D [1/2] D 6L DL [1/2] D >[2R D] 5D >3R 3D 2R [1/2] 5R >5R 3R DLD [1/2] LD >[2L D] D and hold east into the exit; this scores 293.2 at the maximum. There are a few important ideas involved in this route: backwards movement over force floors is 10 m/s, but perpendicular movement is 20 m/s and will show up if a spring slide is attempted. Most of the moves are fairly straight and somewhat easier to execute than they appear, but some movements are oddly slanted including a couple diagonals; these are still along the paths that could be taken if there were no force floors at all, but apply this principle. The ice is reliable but is often inferior, as it moves at a constant 10 m/s.

Different emulations may also alter strategy in heavy boosting levels. When holding down arrow keys, Tile World tends to give earlier response; in MS, if Chip has to turn sideways onto a single sliding tile and then continue holding down that key, a player would usually have to hit 3D (the first D move, then the 2D spring slide) all separately, which is more difficult. A held key in MS does not register until Chip is moving across the next space, which means it will not register at all and Chip will stop after >D off chip 1. On the other hand, it is easier to press keys at 10 m/s in MS CC, which may make it preferable for this level.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 22.png


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