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Four by Four

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Four by Four is the 130th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by J.B. Lewis.

307 route: Push the block L to collect fire boots, then slide around the force floor, collecting the yellow key and bottom-right chip, then slide through the yellow door and collect the chip below. Push the block U (which deflects a glider into the centre where it will press a blue button), then move the block L (which will deflect the other gliders onto the green buttons). Move to the left, collect the lowest chip, and remove the dirt so as to lure the paramecium into the water. Move into the bottom-left room, collecting 2 chips en route, collect the red key from the tanks, then walk via the brown button to collect the chip in the bottom-right of the centre area. Now get the green key from behind the fire, then the chip in the room above, then go through the red door into the toggle room. Collect only 2 chips from this room then move left (collect chip) then up. Clone 2 fireballs, release the first one, collect 2 chips, clone and release 2 fireballs, follow the fireball, collect the top chip in the next room, release the fireball and collect the other chip. Go through the recessed wall and collect the remaining chips in this room. Return to the brown button room, and clear all the fake walls in the 4x3 rectangle such that a fireball entering this room from the left will press the brown button repeatedly. Return to the room that the paramecium was in initially, collect 2 chips (leaving the top-left one behind), then open the green door and use the block to explode the bomb at the bottom. Now push the other block up onto the force floor, collect the other 2 chips in this room, and push the block left to L of the fire. As soon as the fireball reverses, push the block L 2D (deflecting the fireball into the next room). The fireball will bounce off the chip and down into the next room – collect the chip and push the block to 2L 2D from the gravel. When the fireball hits the block, push it 3D to deflect the fireball towards the brown button (it is quicker to follow with the block to L of the force floor and deflect the fireball towards the brown button more quickly). Collect the suction boots, move the block back up to (12,18), collect the last chip, and use the block to deflect the fireball out of the brown button room (leave it R of the fire). Move the block to 3U 5R from the brown button, which will deflect the fireball into the bottom-right room. Bring the block into this room, remove the socket, then leave the block L D from the fire. Enter the teleport and exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 130.png


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