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Freezer is the 99th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by J.B. Lewis.

313 route: Play in even step. Lure the teeth into the bomb guarding the green key, pick up the chips under blocks 4, 5, and 3, get the green key, pick up the yellow key under block 8, push block 7 3L, then push block 1 up to reach the yellow door. Slide across the ice and through the green door, clone and release 1 fireball, collect the chip, then clone 2 fireballs, release the first one after the second one has been deflected (it will clone a third fireball onto the trap which will cause the first fireball to be deflected into a bomb), then collect the top-left chip, release the fireball, and clone another. Collect the remaining chip then the blue key (after the fireball explodes the bomb). Slide back to the start room, push block 7 into the water, go through the pink ball room to collect the red key and go through the red door onto the ice and through the blue door. 7 blocks will need to be pushed into the water to reach the force floors. Collect the chips here then collect the chips and fire boots from around the ice slides then go through the fire in the bottom-left. Press the green button and get the bottom-left chip. Now press the green and blue buttons and get the chip in the bottom-right corner. Press the blue button again, and press the green button as soon as the tank is on the first green wall. This will cause it to remain on the trap button. Use the recessed wall to exit this area, and pick up another chip. Now pick up the flippers past the trap and enter the bug area. Collect all the chips (Chip will need to go through thieves), push the block to one square above the water, collect the skates, avoid the thieves en route to the block, push the block across the water and walk to the exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 99.png


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