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Knight Glitch

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Chip S.png This page describes a mechanic specific to the 1992 Microsoft port of Chip's Challenge (and anything that emulates it). It may not exist in any other Chip's Challenge game.

The Knight Glitch is an obscure glitch in MSCC. In certain versions of Windows, it causes creatures with uninitialized directions to move like a knight in chess. It is the basis of the level pi or pie? in David Stolp's pi, but has also been observed in a few other levels as well. The glitch is caused by the same thing as the Controller and Boss Glitch, uninitialized variables. However as there is no monster before the one used in the Knight Glitch the outcome is determined instead by any other value placed into that memory spot, typically prior mouse moves or even Windows system calls. The glitch is not emulated by Tile World.