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A glitch in Chip's Challenge is a fault in the program which is caused by a coding error. The majority of glitches occur in Microsoft's version of Chip's Challenge, and in Chip's Challenge 2. The MS emulation version of Tile World deliberately reproduces most MSCC glitches in order to maintain a fair basis for scorekeeping.

MS ruleset glitches[edit]


This glitch can cause Chip to move faster than usual after exiting a sliding tile.

Button Smash[edit]

This glitch can prevent buttons from working when blocks are flicked onto them.

Controller and Boss[edit]

This glitch can sometimes prevent monsters from exiting traps, as well as prevent clone machines from working, or causing them to clone in an unexpected direction.


This glitch, involving blocks and teleports, can sometimes result in the creation of a second Chip in the level.


This glitch sometimes causes sliding blocks to go through ice corners.


This glitch sometimes causes tanks on top of clone machines to switch direction.

Mouse Panel[edit]

This glitch allows Chip to ram or flick a block without stopping to move, when using the mouse.


This glitch occurs when there is no Chip on the map at the beginning of the level.

Advanced MS glitches[edit]

These glitches exist in MSCC but are are not correctly emulated by Tile World. They may, however, be added to Tile World in the future.


This acting wall looks like a North-facing bug over a white background. In Tile World, this tile is displayed like a regular wall.

Data resetting[edit]

This glitch, responsible for many insane levels, relies on clone connections beyond the map to produce unexpected results.


This glitch, related to the Controller and Boss Glitch, sometimes causes monsters to move like a knight in chess.

Multiple Tank[edit]

This glitch, responsible for many insane levels, sometimes causes sliding tanks to create other tiles.

Tank Top[edit]

This glitch sometimes causes tanks sliding onto tank buttons to turn in an unexpected direction.

Illegal MS glitches[edit]

These glitches are banned from competitive scoring, and are therefore excluded from Tile World.

Long First Second[edit]

This glitch sometimes causes a second in the in-game timer (not always the first) to be longer than usual, sometimes allowing higher scores.

Time Dilation[edit]

This glitch sometimes occurs after Chip dies using a mouse move.

Twice Step[edit]

This glitch results in unusual timing of buffered mouse moves. The legality of this glitch is still disputed, but currently only certain aspects of this glitch are legal.

MSCC crashes[edit]

These games, when triggered in Microsoft's version of Chip's Challenge, cause the game to crash. They are intentionally absent from Tile World.

Data Size[edit]

This glitch causes the game to crash due to running out of memory.


This glitch causes the game to crash when playing a set that does not have 144 or 149 levels.


This glitch causes the game to crash when Chip steps on two transparent tiles at once (usually a monster on top of a key).

Lynx glitches[edit]

The Lynx ruleset has relatively few glitches, and many of those that exist do not have wiki pages or even names yet.

Release Desynchronization[edit]

This glitch, also known as clone desynchronization due to the way it was discovered, causes some cloning streams to desynchronize over time when they would synchronize in MS.

Failed Move[edit]

Official name pending. The Failed Move Glitch, often referred to informally as The Stupid Glitch, is not actually a glitch, but an exploit of the way Lynx processes movement. This term refers to a specific application in which a monster sees a direction as open, turns to face that direction, then finds that for whatever reason it is no longer able to enter the tile. The most notable cases of this are when a bug, paramecium, glider, or fireball turns around because a block just moved into a space beside it or a toggle wall changed from open to closed, whereas if the block were always there, or the toggle wall were always closed, the monster would choose a different direction. An example of this is in the public TWS for Stratagem.

Teleport Stacking[edit]

Official name pending. Some of this behavior is demonstrated here.

Chip's Challenge 2[edit]

While Chip's Challenge 2 is coded much more professionally than MSCC, it has its fair share of bugs and bizarre behaviors as well. Most of these behaviors do not have wiki pages yet, but compilations of them can be seen here (currently offline) and here. In addition, many of these glitches have not received any official name yet.

Block Deletion[edit]

Official name pending. This glitch sometimes causes pushed ice and directional blocks to mysteriously vanish.


In slightly altered circumstances, directional blocks may ignore railroad track directions without vanishing. This is just a special case of Spring Mining.

An alternate method using swivel doors is demonstrated here.

Explosion Sneaking[edit]

Official name pending. This glitch allows movable objects within the explosion radius of a time bomb to escape unharmed if moving at the precise tick of the explosion. The Chip and Melinda variant is banned in optimization, but the monster variant remains legal.

Item Bestowal[edit]

This glitch makes it possible for monsters to pick up items when they normally should not be able to.

Monster Hooking[edit]

Official name pending. If Chip or Melinda has a hook, they may sometimes find themselves unable to move because the hook will attempt to pull a passing monster. This will often result in the player's death, as their inability to move allows the monster to collide with them.


Official name pending. A demonstration can be found here.

Simultaneous Character Movement[edit]

Official name pending. By switching between playable characters at high speed in-between tiles, it can be possible to essentially move several characters at once. This glitch is banned in optimization.

Spring mining[edit]

Official name pending. This glitch lets Chip (or other monsters that can push) move onto a tile with a block when pushing the block, in cases where they would normally stay behind while the block moves forward.

Turtle Invisibility[edit]

Official name pending. If the player drops a bowling ball while on a turtle, they will become invisible, and the turtle will turn to water. If a monster passes over the water tile while the player is invisible, they will survive the encounter. Visibility will be restored at the player's next valid move (pressing an acting wall does not count). Attempting to drop another item, regardless of whether there is one in the inventory or not, will crash the game. This glitch can also sometimes result in the Waterbirth Glitch (see below).



Official name pending. This glitch causes entities starting on a turtle to disappear if a block is spring mined off that turtle.