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Larry Jackson

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Larry Jackson is the 10th highest scorer in CC1 (5,977,120) and the 6th highest scorer in CCLP2 (6,049,440).

Community contributions[edit]

Larry has made several contributions to bold times; though mostly in CCLP2, as most CC1 records were taken during the time of the Charter Chipsters, his most famous is the current bold of 926 on Doublemaze on October 28, 2008. This may be the most difficult boosting sequence in the entirety of Chip's Challenge; Larry credits this achievement to his piano lessons.

He also has five record reports in CCLP2: Warehouse I, Island Hopping, Chomper Romp, and Key Color are all joint bolds including Larry, and 244 for Madd Maze is the only one Larry holds all by himself.


Larry was the official spokesperson for news about CCLP3; consequently, the perpetration of the infamous April Fools' Day 2010 voting hoax fell to him.