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Lesson 2

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Lesson 2 is the second level in Chip's Challenge 1. This lesson level teaches Chip about monsters, blocks, water and dirt.

To complete the level, Chip must build a bridge across the water, removing the dirt as it appears, to reach the second area with the bugs, and avoid the bugs to exit the level. Collect the chips first, then build the bridge on the top or bottom and collect the corresponding chip from the bugs next, and dart to the other chip and exit.

Long First Second Glitch score of 91[edit]

Scores of 91 have been reported on Lesson 2, and they are LFS scores, since it is physically not possible to perform this level faster. How it was done is shown here, which is also reachable from the page on the glitch itself.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 2.png


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