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Lesson 4 (CC2 level)

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Lesson 4 is the 29th level in Chip's Challenge 2, and the fourth of the lesson levels. It was created by Chuck Sommerville.

Full level map[edit]

Cc2 full map level 29.png


  • The transmogrifier changers Chip into Melinda, and Melinda into Chip. It can also change other things like blocks and monsters.
  • Melinda can't cross this sign.
  • Chip can't cross this sign.
  • These walkers turn in a random direction when they hit something.
  • These blocks can only be pushed in the direction with orange triangles.
  • When you push these blocks into water, they turn into floor.
  • The blue button changes the direction of all blue tanks.
  • This red button controls a clone machine. Make enough ship clones to push the green toggle button.
  • You need to shut down this clone machine to get to the chip. Use the block to stop the ball.
  • The red button controls a clone machine hidden under this dirt block.
  • The yellow tanks will move one square in the same direction you are moving when you step on the yellow button.
  • This random force floor sends you in a different direction each time you step on it.
  • These green blobs move randomly.
  • Be careful! This room has a floor mimic hidden inside the gravel.
  • As you walk around on the gravel, you may see it moving.
  • Pick up the secret eye to reveal the floor mimic and other secrets.
  • Blocks can't be pushed over green pop-up walls.
  • Try dropping and picking up the secret eye to see the secrets revealed.
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