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Lexy's Labyrinth

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Lexy's Labyrinth, commonly refered to as Lexy or LL, is an open-source web-based Chip's Challenge clone and tileset created by Eevee. It is written in Javascript and can be played in any modern web browser.


Eevee first played Chip's Challenge as part of the Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack (BOWEP) and, upon learning of the release problems regarding Chip's Challenge 2 in 2002, decided to create her own version in QBasic. This game was turn-based (similar to SuperCC) and lacked many tiles, including monsters. The project was soon abandoned.

In 2015, Eevee played Chip's Challenge 2 following its Steam release. However, later updates to the game's level editor caused it to stop working on Linux-based operating systems. Frustrated with this, Eevee started working on Lexy's Labyrinth in 2020, which was met with positive reception from the community.


Lexy's Labyrinth supports nearly all Chip's Challenge 1 tiles (except unused and invalid), nearly all Chip's Challenge 2 tiles (except for voodoo tiles and other obscurities), as well as various custom tiles; for example, in order to properly use recessed walls as implemented in CC1, doubly-recessed walls were created and used when a recessed wall begins beneath an actor. Additional tiles were taken from Puzzle Studio, WebCC and Chuck's Challenge, or created specifically for Lexy's Labyrinth.

Lexy's Labyrinth features several rulesets, referred to as "compat modes". The default, "Lexy", is largely similar to that of the Steam version of Chip's Challenge, with additional similarities to Lynx. Additional compatibility modes include:

  • Steam/CC2: this changes the update loop and runs the game at 60 frames per second (rather than 20) to match the Steam version of Chip's Challenge;
  • Steam/CC2 Strict: in addition to the Steam/CC2 changes, this which emulates glitches such as spring mining and additional unintuitive behaviour;
  • Lynx: this aims to be similar to the original Lynx game. The behaviour of CC2 elements in this ruleset is described as "largely arbitrary".
  • Microsoft: this replicates some aspects of the MS ruleset, such as key behaviour and PGChip ice block rules. However, some features, such as invalid tiles, are not replicated and never will be.
  • Custom: this allows the player to create their own ruleset by selecting options from a list.

Lexy's Labyrinth also includes the ability to undo moves, and rewind a level when playing (for up to 30 seconds) and to activate a turn-based mode similar to SuperCC. A star is added to the score if a level is solved without rewinding.

By default, Lexy's Labyrinth includes Lexy's Lessons (a set of lesson levels by Eevee), CCLP1, CCLXP2, CCLP3 and CCLP4. However, the player can also upload additional levels to the site (including CC1 and CC2) to the site to play them. Uploaded files can be in DAT, C2M or C2G format. The game also includes a web-based level editor, although it is still in early development.

By default, Lexy's Labyrinth ships with its own tileset, also created by Eevee. Chip is replaced with Lexy, an anthropomorphic female fox who previously appeared in other games created by Eevee. Melinda is replaced with Lexy's girlfriend Cerise (another existing character from Eevee), and computer chips are hearts. Players can also load custom tilesets, in either Tile World or Steam format, and use them.

As of version 2.97.0, level editors CCEdit and CC2Edit support playtesting in Lexy's Labyrinth.

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