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Lounge Act

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Lounge Act is the 13th level of TS0, a custom level set by Tyler Sontag. The level was designed to be the "ultimate partial posting level", and involves a simultaneous partial post across a maximum of eight teleports. Each successive partial post allows Chip access to new rooms, which he must reconfigure to allow for more partial posts until he reaches the end. It is considered one of the hardest puzzle levels made after the release of CCLP3, and there is an award on CC Zone for completing it.


Tyler Sontag, its designer, had previously been known to employ partial posts frequently in his levels. Three of his seven levels in CCLP3 contain partial posting with blocks, including the infamous Pushy, which involves a partial post with a block and glider. Five of the forty levels in TS1 and six of the forty levels in TS0 contain partial posts, so this sort of level was to be expected from Tyler.

The level has had several minor revisions since its initial release. Many changes were made for aesthetic purposes. The fireball corridor was once a pink ball corridor that crossed ice, which increased the level's rigidity. The force floor path in the southeast corner was once clockwise rather than counterclockwise, but the clockwise configuration made timing the partial post with the moving block difficult in Lynx. A bust in the west green lock section was removed.


  • This level is named after the Nirvana song of the same name, off the 1991 album Nevermind.
  • Tyler designed the level to be playable in pedantic Lynx mode.