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Partial posting

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Partial posting is a technique involving teleports, named after the level it is first used in Chip's Challenge 1. In a partial post, you must block the exit of one teleport, usually with blocks, to appear out of the next teleport. Here is a basic example:


Normally, traveling left through teleport 3 would bring Chip to [5, 1]; to the left of teleport 2. To skip that teleport and win the level, Chip must block teleport 2's exit. First, Chip must push block 1 through the teleport to [4,1]. Then he must push block 2 through the teleport. It will appear at [5,1]. Since normally attempting to push two consecutive blocks will result in an "oomph", teleport 2 is blocked from exiting on the left side. If Chip enters teleport 3, he will now skip teleport 2 and exit out of teleport 1 to the exit.

Partial posting does not always apply using two blocks. It can be a block followed by any block-acting wall, such as a normal wall, a lock, a computer chip, dirt, a closed toggle wall, or very rarely, a passing monster.

CCLP uses[edit]

In CC1, the only level where partial posting is required is Partial Post itself. It is seen several more times in CCLP1, CCLP2, CCLP3, and CCLP4.





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