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Mudpie is the 142nd level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by J.B. Lewis.

516 route: The aim of this level is to avoid picking up items until they are needed, as there are several thieves and several instances of needing to be without a certain key in order to cross a force floor. There are 22 chips, and only 20 are needed – however, there are 2 that cannot be collected without cooking the level. To start with, move 2R 2U (so that the pink ball will hit the lower brown button when released). Teleport, and walk straight across the top brown button (the paramecia will press both buttons). Go past the thief, use the blocks to explode the bombs (leaving bomb 4 unexploded), collect the chip past the traps, and build so that the blue key is accessible. Do not collect the blue key yet, though, but collect the chip, red key and yellow key. Return (using the dirt row above the left trap button), teleport back, clear the path to the top trap button, open the top yellow door and the red door (do not collect the red key behind it). Teleport and clear the dirt in front of the blocks (so that they can be pushed from the other side). Go through the toggle walls, across the force floor, and use the ice to dodge the pink ball (it is necessary that you do not have a red key – the chip behind this door is inaccessible). Go through the toggle wall at the bottom to clear the dirt by the block (so that it can be pushed from the other side). Cross the force floor (requiring no blue keys to be possessed) and pick up the blue key. Clear dirt so that a block can be pushed into the bomb at the bottom to reach the chip – do not step on any recessed walls. Also collect the green key and a set of suction boots. Go back across the force floor and collect the chips under the blocks above. Go back through the thief to collect the blue key that was left behind earlier. Teleport back to the start, collect the red key and go through the green door. Clear dirt to lure the paramecium into one of the bombs to its left, collect the chips in the paramecium area, and use the blocks in the room below to explode the other bombs. Do not collect the skates, but press the red button and bring one of the blocks down, leaving it 2D from the gravel. Collect the yellow key at the top of the ice slide to the right (watching out for the ball). Push the block 2L then open the other yellow door, so the ball will be holding open both traps below. Go through the traps and green door, and collect the chip immediately to the right of the tank (it is not possible to collect the chip behind the blue door as there are not enough blue keys). Go through the thief and blue door to collect the chips from the glider room. Return, release the teeth, and lure it so that it drops into the pink ball row to the right of the ball, stopping the ball from cloning fireballs. Collect the chip to the left of the tank (the button should have been pressed in the process of luring the teeth). Go back past the thief, wait for one cloned fireball to pass, then collect the chips by the cloner. Go back through the traps, use the block to explode the nearest bomb to reach a chip, then collect the skates and use the other block to explode the remaining bomb (also collect the chip behind the ice tile). There should be 2 chips remaining at this point. Return to the start, go through the green door, and push the block (containing a chip under it) through the maze to the left to reach the last chip behind the bomb. Collect the other pair of suction boots in the process. Now leave this room and go back past the pink ball – even though you have a red key, you also have skates, so it is possible to dodge the ball. Go up to the top, collect the fire boots, go through the socket and exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 142.png


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